Usb keyboard not showing text on initial boot

Unable to log in on first boot due to usb keyboard not functioning correctly. Text is shown after return key is hit, basically not possible to log in.

Hi, try this version of Patchbox OS: [Beta] Patchbox OS image 2020-11-23

Hi, won’t flash to card, file corrupted. Thanks.

Updated Balena and writes to sd card ok. But same result , this time I get a series of + followed by [C and cannot write any text at all via usb keyboard. Therefore can’t proceed with setup.

What sort of keyboard are you using? Does it work if you flash Raspberry Pi OS?

Hi, it’s just a standard usb qwerty keyboard, I’ve tried another and the same problem, both work fine on a standard pi install. Just to recap , I’m using a rasp pi 3b and I’ve tried it with the software downloaded from pisound and flashed to sd card using balena and I’ve also tried the the beta patch software. Both cases I’m unable to type in text at the login prompt. The pi 3b was previously used for a raspbian install and worked fine. The only thing I’ve noticed is balena has complained a couple of times in regard to a corrupted archive, but i’ve since updated balena and it flashes image file ok( i use unarchiver to unzip on a mac).

Hmm, maybe the image got corrupted during download and is incomplete. This could be verified by running this command from a terminal (sha256sum may take a little bit to perform the calculation, just wait for completion):

# First cd to the directory containing the beta image zip file:
cd ~/Downloads

# Then run sha256sum to calculate the checksum:
sha256sum <

If the image is not corrupted, it should print:

569c4687fa3ff9876c0c32aa1aeaaf7cd1dd869c993fab229ed1df52d939f716 *-

If the hash number is different, then you should try to redownload the zip file, until the hashes match up.

After unzipping, you may also test out the hash of the 2020-11-23-Patchbox.img:

sha256sum < 2020-11-23-Patchbox.img

It should output:

330e1146779a5397e8d393df6d0f0ee8b19d28626b1fe1278a15c45ef0519979 *-

The 23 /11 img file matches, but that didn’t work when using with the pi 3. The other img file doesn’t match the sha above. It keeps returning a number ending …cb126d6c408.

Yes, it’s expected for the other version to have a different number - each different file should return a different hash.

So this means that the image file was downloaded successfully to your computer, only remaining suspects would be the flashing process and the SD card itself. I don’t have reasons to think that the image is broken - we would surely have many more reports of that, and it’s running fine on multiple 3B and 3B+ Raspberry Pi’s that we have…

Hmm, maybe it could be a power supply issue? What is the power supply you’re using?

Btw, to use Pisound, you may just run the standard Raspberry Pi OS too, using Patchbox OS is optional.

Hi, I’ve switched to a raspberry pi 4 (it’s not the pi version though) . The problem , I think , is to do with hdmi. On the screen i was using the text was not appearing , on a television screen it just appears at the bottom of the screen , so I could log in and do the install and then startx to get the graphic interface running. Anything to be aware of regarding hdmi ? What I’m hoping for is that on reboot I can set some resolution values to be able to see everything. May also be a problem with one of the hdmi sockets on the other screen. Progress though. thanks.

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Good progress! Does the screen work OK once the graphical environment is up?

Hmm, I haven’t encountered such screen / HDMI issues myself, I guess you could look through the configuration options for video / HDMI:

Keep in mind that as Patchbox OS is based on Raspberry Pi OS, any information your find for similar issues is relevant to Patchbox OS too.

Hi, all working fine. Used remote browser access to interface with Modep and created a test pedalboard. Thanks for all your responses. Difficult to say why the keyboard wasn’t working initially beyond some kind of hdmi issue. Fortunately I had a couple of other options to try regarding monitors/tvs.

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