Trouble getting started (keyboard problems)

I’ve put the patchbox os on my SD card and I can get it to boot. Once I get to the point where it wants me to enter a user and password (, the device is unresponsive. I assume this is because my keyboard isn’t being recognized (it’s a standard hp keyboard). So I turn the device off, unplug the keyboard and try again, but the thing now won’t boot at all. I have to reinstall the entire OS to get it to boot again because of what seems to be keyboard problem, that’s very frustrating.

I’ll keep debugging and update here if I learn anything else.

Hey, see here: Patchbox Gets Corrupted on First Boot (Raspberry Pi 4 8GB)

Much appreciated. Thank you for the quick reply.

For the sake of others, I am also running the Pi 4B 8GB model. I see now that I didn’t mention that, so extra good on you Giedrius for guessing that correctly!

My only other Pi is from 2011, which just shows the raspberry pi icon and hangs when I try Patchbox OS. It’s hard to expect something that old to still work, so I guess I’ll just try Raspbian.

You may use your 8GB version Raspberry Pi, just follow the steps outlined by @clockwork at the bottom of the thread.