No HDMI video output after boot completes

Hi folks,

I’m a new PiSound/RPi 4B/8G owner. I built it and put it in the acrylic case, burned the PatchBox OS and booted it. Using a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable to a 1080p monitor, the Pi boots and shows the usual Linux boot screen. However, once the boot is completed - the screen goes blank and I cannot get a keyboard text console (or graphical console) on either of the HDMI ports.

I can access the Pi via wired Ethernet via SSH and also the web-based GUI for the sound system (but I didn’t test any MIDI or sound in/out).

Please help get the local console working? Thanks!


Welcome to the Blokas community!

I had the same problem recently with a Pi4. Curious, are you using the official HDMI cable? Everything I’ve read suggests that the Pi is picky as to the cable

I am unaware of any “official HDMI cable” so I am certain I am not using it. :slight_smile:

That said, the Pi boots and displays on the HDMI monitor all the usual Linux boot stuff. It’s just that when the PatchBox boot completes, the screen goes blank - and doesn’t respond to any keyboard input either. It doesn’t show any UI on the screen whatsoever. The Ethernet UI (SSH, Web) works fine.

Any further thoughts? Thanks!

Yep, they have an official cable. I’ve used cheaper cables and had issues. Here’s the link:

What I think is happening is when the Pi changes to high definition video something is not compatible with the Pi’s HDMI output and the monitor you have. I’ve run across this multiple times myself and the issue is well documented on the internet. It’s frustrating for sure. There may be some options in the config.txt file that is located in the root of your SD card that you might try changing to see if you can get your display to work:

Thank you. I will try two things:

  1. A different monitor (e.g., an HDMI 2.1 4k120p OLED instead of my tiny 1080p)
  2. A different cable

Then I will start messing with the config.txt, and order the “official” cable.

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