PI Zero W hangs when booting with USB keyboard


Patchbox is a great idea and could save a lot of hassle with using the PI’s for audio, but it hasn’t worked for me so far.

I’m using a PI zero W and when I have a USB keyboard plugged in (through a OTG adapter) the PI hangs and does not finish booting up. The power adapter should have enough power and I’ve tried two different USB keyboards.

I’ve also been unable to use SSH. I add the correctly configured wpa supplicant file and the ssh file to root, but the patchbox will not allow me to log in.



By default, Patchbox OS is configured to host an access point, it may be interfering with the wpa supplicant config, so you should first connect over WiFi and disable the hotspot.

Not sure what’s up with the USB OTG not working, the OS is running a ‘real-time’ config kernel which may have its own issues, we plan to include an updated kernel version in the OS upgrade to ‘buster’, so stay tuned. :slight_smile: