Problem: installation,irst launch

I have the pi4 with a pisound on it

I followed the indications to install patch os on blokas website

I performed the manipulation 3 times

I always have the same problem:

the installation is carried out, then it is displayed:

Raspian GNU / linus 10 patchbox tty1
patchbox login:

I notice that my keyboard does not work, the manjuscule locking leds do not light up for example, I tried to unplug the keyboard and I put it on the different ports
It don’t change anything(it is the official Rasberry keyboard)
when i turn off the pi and then turn it back on, there is absolutely nothing happening, no display on the monitor

Does anyone have a solution for my problem?

have good day

Hi, see here: Patchbox Gets Corrupted on First Boot (Raspberry Pi 4 8GB)

Last Patchbox OS was built before Pi 4 8GB version became available, so first you need to update the kernel as descibed in the link.