Mo Patchbox, Mo Problems (MODEP and USB Keyboard)

Hi there,

I just received my pisound and it is awesome! I put it onto a Raspi 4 8GB and installed PatchboxOS. I set it up to run MODEP and was having a lot of fun, until I shut the Raspberry Pi down. And now it won’t come back up. At all. There’s no console, nothing on the HDMI output, nothing.

Before that, I also had issues with USB keyboards and mice, as well (they wouldn’t work, even in the X environment). Not sure if that’s a USB problem with the new Raspberry Pi or not. Installing NOOBS now to check. EDIT: Using the USB3 ports seems to make the keyboards and mice work, whereas using the USB 2.0 ports do not.

But has anyone else had that problem with MODEP, where once it’s shut down it basically bricks your SD Card? I’ve had to reinstall Patchbox onto it twice now…

EDIT: I found that popping the card out of the Pi and into my Windows PC and removing the recently created .bin files, then popping it back into the Pi and restarting seems to work. So MODEP is not releasing something properly when doing a sudo shutdown…

I have seen a few report of problems unique to the 8 gig Pi 4, which were to have been fixed by an update, USB error much like yours reported in October.

This post links to a 2020-11-23 fix fo the Pi 4.

Your patchbox is up to date?

(If there was just a brute force method to hide 4 gigs to see if the problem vanishes on a smaller Pi)

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Thank you! Maybe the problem is my 8GB pi. I have a 4GB I’m using as a retro arcade. Maybe I’ll switch them around and see what happens. Thank you for the information on the USB fix, too!

EDIT: Updating to the beta version of Patchbox fixed my issue! :slight_smile: Oh happy day! THANK YOU!

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I had this problem with my 4gb pi too - I had a thread on here which has been resolved with an updated image, I only posted my issue a few days ago.

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