MODEP Pi4 issues

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I’m really new to MODEP so please bare with me, I’ve searched a tonne and not found an answer to ths either (4 days and counting)…

So! I can load PatchboxOS to my Pi 3 absolutely fine, install the MODEP module - setup Jack to use with my UCA202 and everything, all good! Problem is after 2 minutes or so it’s crackling and popping like there’s no tomorrow, unless I use a latency that is unplayable from delay - I have a feeling this is because I haven’t over clocked it yet (waiting for a decent power brick and a fan to arrive). I’m assuming this will change once overclocked, however - I have noticed my CPU usage is at 50% with nothing loaded - this is going to be a major issue!!

No worries, I thought, I’ve got the 4 with extra RAM and a better processor, lets upload to that… so! I burn another SD card, pop that into the 4, all starts off well until the modules section - I can’t install MODEP!! it comes up with an error after downloading the package, and asks to try again, but just repeats the error.

I cancelled this and it booted to desktop, all good I thought, I’ll just update patchbox now I can connect to my internet and try again - no go. This has locked out all USB ports forcing me to start again.

I know a few of you have it working on the 4, is there any advice? Also, will the CPU usage improve and crackling stop once I’ve clocked my 3?

I’m not new to rpi’s - I was using them for 3 years professionally to run 3d printers, and learned about a piece of software called nanoDLP - enough to be one of the first people worldwide to port it from a pi3 to a 4, however it would seem, I learned how to play with nanoDLP and not programming, so all the tutorials and help sections go way over my head, this is why us “simpletons” steer clear of linux. I’ve tried cloning the git and installing it ontop of my existing image, but again, I get lost - there’s no real explanation of anything, and looks more like it’s for building standalone images than being able to add the module to a working version of linux.

Because of all of this I scrapped my Patchbox installation and have managed to get Guitarix (who swore?!) up and running on my Pi 4 with a touch screen using Buster. I’ve configured Jack to run properly and gotten sound from my guitar by adding the Soundcard into my effects loop on my amp, there are no latency issues, no pops or crackles without overclocking, and with using an underpowered brick (5v, 2.5a not 3). The Pi is staying at a useable temperature (I can hold it to operate the touch screen in my hands with ease) throughout. Due to this I would much prefer to use the 4 for MODEP as it’s obvious it’s the better micro-computer for the job.

Can anyone hook a brother up? I much prefer the UI of MODEP, and the fact I can access it from my PC to make adjustments as well as directly from the Pi using my touch screen, I just can’t get it to work…

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Hi, use this image so USB works fine: [Beta] Patchbox OS image 2020-11-23

If I understood this right, the internet connection was not available when first installing MODEP? It must be connected to internet for MODEP to install, as it has to be downloaded.

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Hi Giedrius, thanks for the swift reply!!

Sorry, I was tired last night - I meant that I had connected to the internet during setup, this is after the update section and before modules - unfortunately it seemeed to download, but not install.

I’m downloading that image you linked now, it’s a different name to the one I installed, fingers crossed it works! I’m just prepping a new SD card so I should be able to feedback in 30 minutes or so :slight_smile:

Blockquote Hi, use this image so USB works fine: [Beta] Patchbox OS image 2020-11-23

Thank you so much!!! I’m now looking at a fresh install of patchboxOS with a working MODEP module!!!

I’m currently sat with it logged in via web browser using the pi IP in order to learn how to make a pedal board, but I am so so happy right now - like a kid in a sweet shop!!

Again thank you so so much - I was worried my OP came off as rude, and that I wouldn’t get a reply, you have made this community feel very welcoming and inclusive - I look forward to hanging out a bit on here and learning some tricks!

For now, it’s time to build my MIDI pedal board!! Just waiting on my teensy to turn up!