8Gb RPi...No USB keyboard/mouse

Hi all! 1st post! Excited to get PiSound going. Ok, here goes:

  1. did all the patching carefully and didn’t corrupt the card
  2. installed all the modules just fine
  3. did the

…mod in /boot/config.txt, but still can’t get any USB keyboard, mouse etc. to work on the USB.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance from Oklahoma, USA!

Hi, see this post for the solution: Patchbox Gets Corrupted on First Boot (Raspberry Pi 4 8GB)

Hello and thanks for the rapid response.

If I switch to the regular RPi kernel, will the PiSound work 100% normally?

Yes, it will work just fine. :slight_smile:

That got it! Thanks much. I think the sequence of the “memory, turn on usb current, why is this corrupting?” was too many changes for me to figure out.

Let me know when you want to test, I have extra sd cards.

Thanks again.