Login and password don't recognized


Hi everyone, I downloaded the patchblock image for my raspberry pi 3. I have a problem, at the time of entering the user and password the system does not accept the word you gave and that is patch and therefore it is not possible to start the system, thanks for your help.



Hi, there’s 2 patchbox images published, the first one is 2019-02-27, the other one is 2019-03-13.

Here is a quick table for default passwords used on each:

2019-02-27 2019-03-13
User name patch patch
Password patch blokaslabs
WiFi SSID Patchbox Patchbox
WiFi password blokaslabs blokaslabs

The different default user password is the only difference between these two versions of the OS image.


many thanks for this help me, Now is all ok, system is start and configuration for my raspberry pi 3… i test various program used exernal audio card behringher uca 200 and midikey akm 322 for pure data and other programs…