Midihub editor not working correctly

I can no longer drag pipes from the left into the main screen. Midihub connects and i can load and transfer presets, just cant drag and drop anymore?

Hi, could you post a screenshot of how the editor currently looks like, when connected to Midihub?

Seems alright, so you can’t drag-in any of the yellow pipes? Could you make a video of what happens when you attempt to do that?

When I click on the pipe the mouse cursor doesn’t pick it up.

(Attachment midihub.mov is missing)


Mouse does not pick up the pipe when I click on it.

(Attachment Video.mov is missing)

Looks like upload via reply to email is not working. Could you send it to us at hello@blokas.io, or use some service such as wetransfer.com to share a link to the file?

The issue was resolved by resetting windows 10.

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