Midihub doesnt connect in editor

i haven’t used my midihub in a few months and when i tried to connect it with the editor, the editor doesn’t find any midihub to connect to.

all lights are on, i can still switch through the initial two presets i made before, but i don’t see it in the editor.

the device manager shows the midihub as com6 and com7 (one greyed out). ableton recognizes all 4 in and out midi ports of the midihub.

i would be thankful for any advice how to fix this. i tried searching through similar threads on here, but i couldn’t get it to work.

thanks, alex

Hi, please follow these instructions to produce a logfile for us to inspect:

Thanks for the quick answer! I sent an email with the log file.

Fixed by manually reflashing firmware.

Hey, I’ve got the same problem. Havent used the hub in a year, but now the software cant find the hub.

How do you manually reflash the firmware?


instructions here, @Thomas_Geurts

I think the link @Giedrius mentions has the most recent firmware

Thanks for the replay!

Somehow I got it to work a couple of times, not sure how or why.
Very frustrating.