Editor Help - Missing icons

My Midihub is in transit, so thought i’d dive into the editor. Does the Midihub have to be connected for the editor to work? Where are the icons with the pipe functions etc?

Am i being an idiot

Hey, we had this issue reported before - somehow the editor’s cached settings, like the layout, gets into a bad state on Mac which shouldn’t otherwise be possible. We’ll add code in the next update to automatically get out of such state, but in the mean time, here’s what you have to do to reset the cached settings:

  1. Close the editor

  2. Run these commands in a terminal, make sure to replace your_username with your actual username as used by the system. (to find out what users you have, try ls /Users command)

    rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.blokas.*
    killall -u your_username cfprefsd
  3. Run the editor again, it should have its layout reset.

Let us know how it goes!

@Joseph_Perkins what macosx are you on?

@Giedrius happy you guys are aware of this and reactive :wink:

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Tried to do as you suggested, but getting this response in terminal

joeperkins-mbp:~ joeperkins$ rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.blokas.*

rm: /Users/joeperkins/Library/Preferences/com.blokas.*: No such file or directory

joeperkins-mbp:~ joeperkins$ killall -u joeperkins cfprefsd

joeperkins-mbp:~ joeperkins$

I’m on Mojave 10.14.6

The files are called ‘com.blokas.Midihub Editor.plist’ and ‘com.blokas.midihub-editor.plist’. You may use the Finder to remove the files, there should be two possible locations:

  1. /Users/joeperkins/Library/Preferences
  2. /Library/Preferences

You can use ‘Go->Go to Folder’ menu item to enter the path directly.

Then make sure to run the killall command.

This release has a fix for invisible Pipes panel - [Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.2 Update

If it’s not there, just reopen it again through View->Pipes, or click F4.