Unable to connect my Midihub

Hi, just got my new Midihub today and have installed the editor which is V1.11.3, connected the Midihub to usb port on windows pc.

I open the editor and click the Connect button, the dialog window opens but then nothing happens it just stays like that, no devices are found.

I’ve tried rebooting the pc, powering the midihub on and off but it just won’t connect to the Midihub Editor.

Any advice would be grateful,

Do you hear the usual Windows sounds it makes when recognizing an attached USB device? Do you see any changes in the Device Manager? Which Windows version are you using? Do the LEDs on Midihub turn on when it’s on? Do you see Midihub listed in music software as a MIDI device?

Yes I hear the windows sound when the usb is connected.
Device manager show the Midihub as in the devices list as Midihub MH-2QPG560
Windows Version is Windows 10
Lights are on, the top light and the left midi a light is on
Midi device does show in Ableton Live 9MidihubOnAbleton

Check the Device Manager, you should see Midihub as a Serial device or COM port as well, please check if there’s no error icon next to it.

Yes just looked and all looks ok its installed as COM3, even got the Device Status saying This device is working properly and there is not error icon next to it


It just seems to be the Editor not connecting

Just spotted this message in the Events Tab of the Midihub Properties:

Device USB\VID_16D0&PID_0C9C&MI_00\b&b2d3623&0&0000 requires further installation.

Any ideas?

Windows 10 shouldn’t require explicit driver installation of COM devices, but just in case, the .inf file that you could point it to is located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Blokas\Midihub Editor\drivers\midihub.inf

Sorry, how do I point it to that location ?
Actually, just checking Events of other devices and that message seems to be the first Event, its a bit like an Event log.

I have even tried running the Editor as an Administrator but no luck

Is there anything else I could try?

Have you tried uninstalling the editor and re-installing it? Also restart your computer just in case.

Yes, I have uninstalled 1.11.3 as I got that from one of the forums and reinstalled 1.11.2.
Also powered down the machine and then started up again, still not able to connect the device to the Midihub Editor

OK so I’ve installed the MidiEditor onto my laptop and it connected to the midihub first time.
Version on laptop is 1.11.2

Updated the Firmware to 1.11.4, restarted on the laptop and all is working.

Connected back to PC and wont connect, I’m going to put this down to my pc as there is lots of things installed on it that could be interfering.

Thanks for your help!

I meant if you’d do Update Driver from the devices Properties, but possibly it’s not the issue here.

When I had issues with COM devices, they got resolved after installing the Windows updates. It was holding back installing some big feature updates via the normal Windows Update, but they could be installed manually using the Windows 10 Update Assistant. I’ll send you a PM soon asking for some editor logs, so we get a better picture of the issue.

This should be fixed in [Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.4 & Firmware 1.11.6.

I have the same problem, tried the above but I’m unable to install the updates.

Please create a new dedicated topic for the issue you’ve hit with more information.