[Solved] Blokas not working

Hi, I can’t get blokas to get midi in on channel A and send it out on Channel A, it just stops there, and won’t go any further I just bought blokas, connected it and have run the software, looks pretty cool!
but… doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

so I have a midi cable with a sequence coming into channel A, i have a cable coming out of channel A on the other side, I have opened the software and created a ‘from Midi’ set to A and then to a ‘To Midi’ set to A and i get nothing…

though If i create a CC LFO I see the light on midi channel A light up- so it’s connected to the mac and talking ?

possible to hold a couple of buttons and do a factory reset or something ?


I’m guessing you are talking about the midihub? (blokas is the brand, not the device)

Make sure that your sending (sequencer) and receiving device are set to the same midichannel.

If you want us to better understand what the problem is or might be, make a screenshot of your editor patch and upload it here.

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Yes, I’m very sorry that wasn’t clear!
do you know if there is a way to see an icon anything to suggest that is connected to the mac ?
how can i see if the usb device is even plugged in ? like the little ‘usb’ icon in windows that you can clearly see what devices are connected to the computer.

do you know if there is a way to do a factory reset on the midi hub ?


must have been a usb problem, i can see it’s connected now (just saw the txt at the bottom of the app)
and when i setup something it works- must have been a usb issue… or something


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glad it works - have fun!

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A likely reason why it didn’t work at first was because you didn’t click the ‘Connect’ button to connect the editor to the hardware, everything else was otherwise fine.

The next editor update will make it clear that the connection must be done.

that’s probably it, thanks