Midihub is broken


My midihub is most probably broken, the only thing I can think of wrong
operation, it has been disconnected from the USB-hub without the midi hub
switched off. That powered USB-hub is still working only connected to my
iMac. Although the midihub was not in use, just active. I’ve done this
hundreds of times with other midi devices and never had any problem. I was
so surprised that the midihub stopped working and (in doubt) thought it had
to be fed/connected via midi as well. So I connected it back to a device,
but no, nothing changed. No LED’s lights up, no change when moving the
switch (front) or the small push button. No device found in the software.

I find it very surprising that this expensive device breaks down so
quickly, the more so I had used it little and now only had to disconnect
because of a move (one-off event). I absolutely have no longer trust in
such fragile equipment and will most probably not going to replace it.
I hope you have an explanation for this, but even better a good proposal
for repair. (I live in Belgium.)


Hi, things happen, your device is covered by warranty, feel free to contact us at hello@blokas.io and send it to us for repair or replacement, please mention your order number in your email.

Okay, thanks.
First have to look where I left the ordering.