MidiHub Won't Power On

Blokus Team: Today, I attempted to use my MidiHub for some special sound work. I always leave the device on and plugged into my computer which is always plugged in as well. After giving me some weird looping behavior (sound on sound when playing a recorded sequence from my computer), I unplugged one of the Midi output connectors to see if the looping would stop. It did but shortly thereafter, the unit turned off (no led lights). I unplugged power connectors and all Midi cables and replugged in just the power cable. No matter where the switch is positioned, I get no led lights. On the off chance that the device might be on but the lights simply weren’t working, I attempted to connect to the editor but it can’t find the device. I tried using a standard USB power puck to see if I could get the device to power up that way, also with no luck.



We’ve seen in a couple of instances that the power switch malfunctions. Could you please try and wiggle the power switch around while the USB cable is connected to a power source and observe whether the LEDs light up even intermittently?

Giedrius, that did it! I thought I had wiggled it enough before reporting the problem but got a little more aggressive and it works. I can get by with that if it doesn’t get worse. Do you swap or repair if it does get worse?


You could ship your unit to us so we can replace the switch for you (send us an email to sort out the details), but it might be more economic to perform the repairs locally, like doing it yourself if you have the skills & the tools, alternatively, ask for a skilled friend’s help, or find some local electronics repair shop. The switch itself is in quite an open area, making this a relatively easy procedure.

This is the power switch part: 1101M2S3ABE2


I’m happy to do the fix. The only question is how to open the box. Is it the four round rivet-looking fasteners on the side? If so, they don’t appear to allow a standard tool to unscrew them. Are the fasteners under the rubber feet instead?


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You have to undo the 4 screws on the sides, the same kind of screws hold the PCB internally. Use a hex screw driver or Allen key, size 2.


Got it. So small, I couldn’t see the hex flats. You’re a great help. Thanks for your responsiveness too.