MIDHUB - not working - weird patterns of lights - won't connect

Hi - my MIDIHUB seems to have crashed/stuck - the power switch is bit temperamental - in order to power on you need to push switch on, nothing happens, then push back a fraction of a mm, then it is on

However, when on it is stuck - won’t connect to the editor.
There is a weird pattern of flashing lights even though no midi gear is connected.

Light 1 on has lights 6 and 7 flashing rapidly
Light 2 on has lights 5-8 “scrolling” downwards
Light 3 on - nothing else flashes
Light 4 on - light 5 flashing rapidly
Light 5 - 6 is flashingL
Light 6 nothing else
Light 7 - light 5 flashes
Light 8 - nothing else

The midhub shows up in “midiview” as connected to the PC but the editor will not connect, and freezes/crashes on trying. I have tried different USB cables (that all work with other USB midi) - same pattern with all. Rebooting windows, no change.

The only way it will connect to the editor is to hold down the preset button whilst powering on - it then connects but won’t allow any editing or presets to load - all lights are on.

At the moment it is (almost literally!) a “brick” - any suggestions?

pinging @Pranciskus in case @Giedrius isn’t around to help

In the meantime:

This takes you into “bootloader” mode, Neil.
(@Giedrius led me through this several times during alpha testing. I can paste those sentences in; they’re mainly about manually upgrading/degrading.)

When I had these issues, I found that restarting my Mac allowed me a fresh start.

Hope it gets sorted soon! :crossed_fingers:

Correct. I’d recommend trying to perform a manual firmware update, while connected to Midihub in bootloader mode, do Device → Flash Firmware… and give it the .bfw firmware file from [Download] Midihub Editor 1.15.3 & Firmware 1.15.1

Afterwards, it should hopefully recover to work well in normal mode.

Regarding the power switch - if it’s malfunctioning like that, it should be replaced, contact us by email to arrange it.

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Many thanks - downloaded the firmware, and on the third go the editor connected and allowed it update - back in action, thanks!

best wishes