No MIDI Notes Transmitted

I have just received my unit. It will be replacing a Quadra Thru MIDI Solution MIDI splitter. So the first thing I have done was to create a simple map to perform the same task as the previous unit. My map is From MIDI A to TO MIDI A, then another to B, C, and finally D. I expected the MIDI notes to be transmitted. But nothing happens. I see the light on IN A, and see it flashing once I hit the keys on the MIDI controller keyboard that controls all my synths. But Nothing Happens on the output.

I have checked the hardware on my iMac and the MidiHub is there under USB. I have saved the preset as a file, restarted my computer, tried different USB ports (the computer is brand new). Did I receive a faulty unity or am I missing something on the configuration here?

Thank you very much.

Hi, click the electric plug icon to connect to Midihub, or do Device->Connect via menu bar. Currently you’re in offline editing mode.

Then the changes you make will take effect.

Super! Apologies for the newbie question. Does anyone know the link to a manual that we can download and print for the MidiHub? Thanks again @Giedrius!
Cheers mate

@cassianoyoung Similar reply here:

The documentation is embedded in the Editor and available offline, and it always shows the relevant information on currently selected pipe, but you may also just scroll to the bottom of the text, click ‘Home’ and browse to another topic.

If it’s not visible for you, just tick the View->Context Help option.


Thank you @Keyman, I have been reading through those and they are very helpful to provide context of each component. I was looking for a comprehensive manual to avoid bugging folks with my newbie questions like this original one. But I will keep trying stuff out. Thanks again. Cheers


We don’t have a printable version of the documentation yet - as things change from time to time when new features get implemented or some get slightly changed, having documentation in html format incurs very little overhead to keep it up to date.

We had already added a message in the UI to make it more apparent when the editor is in offline mode or whether it’s connected to Midihub, it will be more clear once the next update is released. :slight_smile:

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