Lfo real time message clock

How many lfo can be run at the same time?
Can you add a step parameter to the lfo?
Can the clock be slaved by an input and send on a specific output?
Can your midihub send real-time message (start)?
Can we imagine to sync the clock with a midi ccc receiving messages on each quarter for example ?

Hey, the maximum number of pipes that can be placed in a preset is 255. Of course you have to be mindful not to generate too many messages for the limited MIDI bandwidth to handle.

We’ll add this to our suggested feature list, I think this could be done by a dedicated pipe, sort of a ‘sample and hold’, with configurable timing parameters

The LFO can be synced to external clock.

It could convert some message going through it to a start message (like convert note on or program change or CC to a Start message, using Transform pipe)

Not at this time.

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Thank you very much