CC LFO offset amount

Today I’ve received my MIDI Hub, which I bought at 1st because of CC LFO. So the 1st thing I do is make a simple patch that has CC LFO as generator, going straight to Midi output.

With the current options I can make an LFO that centres on 64, but what I want is an LFO centering on 7, (my LFO amount is 5). In time I’ll include an input that reads the CC coming in and centres the LFO on that.

So an option for LFO offset would help with this.

It’s a quite possible I can achieve what I want in another way, all ideas welcome.

Hey, you can place a Rescale pipe after the LFO, set the properties as following:

Kind: Control Change
In Low: 59
In High: 69
Out Low: 2
Out High: 12

We’ll add some more pipes for these kinds of operations in future versions. :slight_smile:

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thanks, just what i need x

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I spent quite a bit of time struggling with the CC LFO, trying to get values into a particular range that I could control with an encoder on my MIDI controller. My first thought was to set the encoder to control the Depth parameter on the LFO, but this did not behave as expected because it seems that the values coming from the encoder were always doubled on the midihub for some reason (e.g. targeting CC 17, sending a value of 1 resulted in a Depth of 2, a value of 2 resulted in a Depth of 4, etc). For anyone coming back to this thread because they are struggling to get an LFO to operate over a specific range of values, here is one idea that I have found useful.

Instead of setting a single depth value, use two MIDI controls to set the Out Low and Out High values of the LFO using the Rescale pipe as described above. That way you can configure LFOs that work on parameters that start at zero just as easily as you can work with parameters like panning that are centered at value 64.

If you have a value that starts at zero and has only positive values, you can just set a single MIDI control to change the Out High value and set Out Low to 0. The Out High value acts like the LFO depth in this scenario.

If you have a value that such as pan that is centered across the 0-127 range, you can adjust both Out Low and Out High to get the desired result. For example, if you want to pan with an LFO with depth 20, set Out Low to 54 and Out High to 73, so the LFO is centered around 63/64.

And with this setup, you can rescale your LFO to operate over any other range as well. Not as convenient as a single depth parameter, but this covers more cases without the need for an explicit offset pipe or parameter.