Audio clock sync

Can midihub sync to audio tempo clock

Don’t know what you mean exactly, Simon, so I’ll tell you what Midihub can do in clock terms:

  • Receive MIDI clock messages via any of its 4 DIN ports & 4 USB ports
  • Send MIDI clock from a Clock Pipe both internally to other pipes & externally
  • Filter out Clock messages (e.g. so external devices don’t conflict)
  • Sync to Clock messages in various pipes like Arp, Delay, LFO, etc. etc.
  • use a Tempo Divider pipe to output 1/2, 1/3 etc of incoming tempo

that mostly covers Midihub’s clock capabilities.

Drummachines and modular setup Can have analog tempo sync. Its like a metrome click. So I ment if it Can sync to a click. Hope you understand what Im trying to say. All the korg volca machinen has that clock, witch I use.

OK, with you now Simon.
No, in short.

As Midihub only deals with MIDI you’d need to find a way to respond to the audio pulses and turn them into some MIDI Event[1].

btw, As I recall, the Volca Sync-In isn’t so much a Clock as a “Next Step” Pulse to advance the sequencer (in this way it’s like the arps on pre-MIDI synths like the Juno-6), so if you use a drum machine to send out an irregular beat, the seq will follow that. MIDI Clock messages are generally more frequent than pulses.

[1] Midihub master>Volca>Audio pulse out?

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