Midihub generate Midi Clock from incoming midi note?

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Just had an idea, i have an audio trigger module and wondered if its possible to use midihub to generate midiclock synced from a midi note event? like in the following chain DAW>>AUDIOTRIGGER>MIDIHUB>>CLOCK>>HARDWARE

So you’d like a midi note on event to start the Clock pipe? This could be done by using a Transform pipe to turn some midi note event into a ‘Start’ event, send it to a virtual output x, and make sure to have equivalent ‘Use Virtual X’ enabled in the Clock’s properties, so it listens to events on that stream.


No I don’t think that’s what is being asked. I have the same idea. Which is basically to use the average incoming rate of notes to set the bpm for a clock generator pipe.

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Yes exactly what I was thinking, for example 16th notes coming in to midihub could be used to accurately generate midi clock. Any tiny variation in the timing of the notes coming would adjust the clock out in realtime. In my previous example I would send audio pulses from my DAW to an audio-midi trigger and then to midihub which would generate clock out to hardware sequencers etc, kinda like the same principle of a usamo or erm multiclock if that makes sense? :wink:

Makes perfect sense to me :slight_smile: I was looking at buying the Usamo, but it does the clock calculation in the computer, which kind of defeats the purpose for me; if I wanted to use my DAW, I’d just send midi. I don’t know why they can’t run the conversion software on the box from a simple stream of clicks.

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