Clock pipe and external bpm change

Hello, is it possible to change the clock pipe bpm from Midi in ports? The start command works just fine but the bpm doesn’t change when I use the DAW. I know it can be mapped, but I would like the bpm to change with the external bpm device.

I am trying to program midihub to give start command every 1st beat of the bar. It sometimes happens that some of the hardware drops during playing and then it is impossible to get it to sync manually.

I have now pipeline: Clock->Tempodiv 96->Transform (clock->start with replace)->To midiout

Thanks for your help!

Why not just use the external BPM source instead of the internal Clock? (You’d use [FROM X] → [Filter everything but Clock])

Good point! Although we were planning to map the clock to cc in the future but at least for now we can proceed with your solution, thanks!

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