Midihub+Ableton (on Mac)


I’m new in the world of Midihub and even of hardware synth, so I have some questions that can seem silly to some of you, sorry :wink:

My setup:

  • Mac Pro 5.1 running Ableton 10
  • Soundcard: aggregate between Steinberg UR-RT4 and TR-8S. (I made that to be able to send the TR-8S’s 8 separate channels on audio via USB.)
  • Korg Minilogue connected via 5 pin midi cable
  • Moog Mother-32 connected via midi cable
  • Moog DFAM connected via audio tr cable for CV trigger
  • TR-8S connected via USB and midi cable.
    (Every instrument goes into the midihub out, and in the soundcard for the audio. I’m running for each instrument a midi track “external instrument” and an audiotrack receiving audio from the midi track.)

At the moment I’m using the example preset “MIDI USB interface”, with filters on the exit pipeline where I don’t want to start the sequencer (Minilogue).
This seems to be the most stabile clock situation.

My questions now are:
-I’m fixing the latency directly from “hardware latency” in “external instrument” from Ableton, this because in the midi preferences if I change the latency on the output of a channel nothing happen, is this normal?
-Does anyone knows the best way to build a midihub preset to have the best clock stability with my setup? Ableton clock itself seem struggle to maintain the same latency for long, I always have to fix again and again the latency of each instrument.
-How can I insert a latency like the one mentioned before in midihub (in ms)? I need that because I’m using TR-8S as audio channels I don’t have the chance to fix the latency from Ableton (I think).
-How you recommend to connect the DFAM? In midihub somehow?

Feel free to recommend everything you think would be better than what I did!

Thanks a lot!

For most stable MIDI clock sync, I’d recommend using one of your devices as MIDI tempo master, sending it via MIDI DIN-5 connection, and have Midihub forward the clock everywhere it needs to go.

I think using a single external audio card would improve the stability for Ableton and synchronization.