Incoming clock, regenerate and send out again?

Is there a way to fetch incoming clock, regenerate it and send it out through the pipes again?

And in mentioning this, what is the actual detailed technical quality of the clock generated in the Midihub?

What do you mean by regenerate the clock?

Midihub’s tempo clock generation is based on 3125Hz internal timer, and real time messages are given priority over regular MIDI messages, so it’s doing its best to produce clock messages within 0.32ms accuracy and forward them as quickly as possible to where they need to go.

Always prefer DIN-5 MIDI cables to sync up devices rather than USB as they give higher timing accuracy.

I am not at all aware of the tecnicalities of midi clocks, but when looking at those expensive clocks on the market they talk about jitterfree stabile clocks etc. and I guess this is what I was referring to.

So I think my train of thoughts was, that if I have a clock that is less optimal, and Midihub receives this, can I then “improve” this clock with Midihub?

Is this something “real” ?


Currently Midihub can simply relay those clock messages where they need to go. If you’re unsatisfied with the MIDI master you currently use, try using Midihub’s Clock generator pipe and see if it’s better. If you have other devices that can generate clock, it’s best to use one with DIN-5 ports, as USB communication is a bit more jittery compared to dedicated DIN-5 serial ports.