Midihub - Midiclock

I have questions about sync, clock and jitter.

I would like to send midi clock from my digitakt to the midi hub then distribute the clock to my other items. Problem is eventually sh-t goes out of sync in 16 bars.

  1. Will the Hub help with jitter, could it clean the signal
  2. How does it compare to something like this
  3. What would be the best way to avoid jitter and sync issues.
  4. can i expect a world where that isn’t a problem?

Hey, Midihub has the following pipes for dealing with tempo sync messages: Clock, Tempo Divider and Sync Delay. In case Midihub is routing the tempo messages to other devices, it does not perform any timing correction, but the MIDI realtime messages are given priority, so they are routed and sent first. Midihub can generate clock, but it is bound by the physical transports - DIN-5 MIDI connections are quite predictable of when the data will get sent out, but USB data can only be sent when the USB host requests for new data, which should happen at most every 1ms, so no USB MIDI device can guarantee accurate clock messages.

Are you using DIN-5 MIDI for connecting all the devices together? Things shouldn’t really be going out of sync, unless there’s some device in the chain that is misbehaving, has the number of steps in a pattern set to an unusual value, or the cables are damaged - after devices receive the song position pointer message and a start/continue message, all of them should receive the exact same amount of MIDI clock messages, keeping all of them in sync.


yes i’m going out of my digitakt which apparently doesn’t have the greatest output sync
Some tests that have been done with a similar piece of hardware
I’m going out from The digi to this

then to other things like Bastle instruments Thyme, Ipad, and, ModuoX

I will also plan to use digitakt as a master clock, I’ll see what will come up when I will recive midihub.


I have the MIDIhub for a while and only now is looking at setting it up. I’m in the same boat: my intention is to use the Digitakt as the clock source and distribute that to other outputs via the MIDIhub.

Were you successful with your setup? I may also have to delay some of the clock signals, and am not yet clear whether that’s possible.

I was using a E-RM Multiclock previously, which is wonderful for these clock matters, but it I have other needs to merge and route MIDI signal between keyboard and controllers to various synth and generators, including the Digitakt.

My aim would be to use the MIDIhub only.