Can the internal Clock module be mapped to an external midi controller?

Hi, new forum user here.
I’ve recently discover midihub and it looks like a little great piece of hardware.
I don’t own one yet as I’m trying to understand if it could be a replacement for my current midi interface and midi clock.
My questions are:

  1. How stable is the tempo of the internal clock module, in your experience? and
  2. Can the tempo of the internal clock module be mapped to an external midi controller (looks like so, I just want to be sure)?

Thank you for any insights!

Pretty stable :smiley: Without a screen, it might be inconvenient to tweak the BPM, if you have a sequencer device with nice controls and a screen, I’d recommend using that as the master and have Midihub distribute the clock and transport messages to the rest of your system. If you don’t need to tweak the BPM on the go, then the internal clock runs well. You can even have multiple clocks running at different BPM if you’re into that.

Do you mean can it be routed to sync to the rest of the devices? Yes, that can be done.

Might be worth pointing out that, when mapped to an incoming CC, Clock BPM changes in increments of 2.0, from 30.0 to 284.0
@ram set manually, Clock can go from 30.0 to 300.0 in increments of 0.1; this is more limited via CC mapping control due to only having 128 values

No, I’m wondering if the BPM of the clock generator can be controlled externally by a midi continuos controller (looks like so from what I see in the editor, I just don’t have a midihub to test).
For that I would use Lemur or Touchosc from my iPad, so a nice control on a screen.

At the moment I’m using an external midiclock (the ERM midiclock) and, when I need to, change the bpm from there.
But it looks like I could replace my midi interface AND the ERM midiclock with the midihub, which would be great (less gear, more portable).

I hope what I write makes sense to you, English is not my native language.

Good to know, thanks.

Does midihub mapping support 14 bits NRPM midi? I can’t find anything about it on the manual…If so I guess I could try to program some 14 bits NRPN controller from Lemur or Toucosc and see if I can obtain more resolution control on the clock tempo.

Not possible to get finer resolution than 2 BPM:

Midihub will receive NRPN as two CCs.

When you click Map for a property though, Midihub (Editor) is listening for the next Note/CC.
When it’s “learned” that, the property will respond to the 128 velocity/CC values incoming.
So every mapped property in Midihub has a maximum resolution of 128.
(hence 30 + 2 x 127 = 284 for BPM)
This only makes a difference with very few properties, among them BPM and LFO rate.

btw. Have you downloaded the Editor yet†?
It’ll work without a Midihub attached and it’s fun to start building pipelines and picturing what they do!

† Mac|PC|Linux

I have! Looks sleek, and I love the design :raised_hands: .
Didn’t think it worked without a midihub attached tough, I will try it later.

Thanks, you cleared all I wanted to know.


I think you meant 254 here? Or 284, but I get it.

Anyway, does this mean that mapping the BPM of a Clock module takes 2 consecutive midi cc (e.g., cc#9 and cc#10)?
May I say, it would be great to have finer resolution on these kind of controls (BPM and LFO rates).
But I understand that not everything is possible from a development/business point of view.

Thanks again for your clarification, and congrats for this lovely piece of gear! I love it already.

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I can take no credit for the wond er that is Midihub. But I’m glad you like it, too!

Giedrius is part of the team. He will let us know when Midihub gets even better…

On the Editor, you’re right you do need to connect to test, use Monitor etc.
I find the editor so intuitive, tho’, I often forget I haven’t connected.

Welcome to Midihub forum, btw!

Thank you!

I don’t know why I assumed you were part of the team :sweat_smile: .