Half the clock?

would like to take a clock signal from my main clock and half it for certain applications but i can’t seem to figure it out.

Is this possible and i am thick or is it a feature to be included?

For the question of why, as an example i have a minibrute which is fun to latch an arp into and let it plod along as a texture, or even as a kick, being able to simply half just the minibrute in the set up would be excellent.

I have seen the Clock Multiplier suggestion but have not seen any response to that particular request, again i am not sure if it is possible and i am just a dolt and a half or if it is on it’s way!

Either way as always, having lots of fun wrapping my head around it and look forward to more updates in the future! Thanks!

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Hi, clock multiplier suggests increasing the clock rate by some amount - it’s a complex feature, we will look into doing it at some point.

Dividing clock in integer amounts is trivial though, and is already available. :slight_smile: Just place a TEMPO DIV pipe, set it to divide by 2 and you’ll have half the clock.

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