LFO output and sync to clock issues

Situation: need to sync BPM from Line 6 Helix to the Midihub LFO, which in turn is transmitted to Helix and CC’s the parameters I want to modulate.
However, No CC however is being received by Helix. Both in and out connections via MIDI DIN plugs on port A.

LFO: I see the light flicking on the output led. However, when I press MIDI Learn on the receiving unit there is no response at all. LFO is set to channel 1 and CCs within the acceptable range that receiving unit allows.

BPM output from Helix: works. If I speed up the tempo I can see the rate flicker on the midihub input led

Sync to BPM: I’ve tried following connections

MIDI DIN A (in) - LFO - MIDI DIN A (out)
MIDI DIN A (in) - LFO - CHAN FILTER (restricted to specific channel) - MIDI DIN A (out)

but I see no visible sign of the rate changing (flickering led) on the output port. And in any case the receiving unit can’t hear any incoming CC signal.

Probably something glaringly obvious, but I can’t figure it out.
Thank you for your help, guys


Did you enable the ‘Sync to BPM’ argument for the LFO placed in the middle of a pipeline?

What is the Channel Helix is set up to work with? The LFOs output data on Channel 1, and can be remapped as needed using Channel Remap pipe.

Could you upload the preset here you have so far?