MidiHub as a Realtime Clock divider / multiplier / manipulator

One of the reasons why I got Midihub is to use it as a real-time clock multiplier/divider/distributer.
The idea seems simple, to send the clock from my main sequencer, through the MidiHub distributing it’s clock divisions and multiplications to various drum computers and sequencers.

All live, on the fly, mashing up clock signals with an external midi controller.
This hasn’t really been working so far, clocks run out of phase and the sync delay only works when a stop/start signal is received.

Pretty much unusable in a live situation unless I am missing something?
Not sure if this is even possible without a stop/start messages but maybe there’s some workaround?
When working with modular you are able to send a clock reset every so many beats,steps or bars. This keeps everything locked together. Can something like this be implemented perhaps?

I would like to suggest some feature requests.

  1. would be helpful to have a divider / multiplier combo in one pipe.
  2. realtime sync delay
  3. realtime clock inversions or clock phase shifting.
    (1xxx becomes xx1x if that makes sense :slight_smile: )
    basically to change a snaredrum for instance, to shift from an upbeat to a downbeat and vise versa