How to do Midi Mapping

Hi there. I just want to be prepared when my Midihub will hopefully arrive next year…

How does the midi mapping of parameters work in the software? Have I to map Midihub to a specific midi channel to receive data from a controller (for controlling the parameters I want to map then to the different pipes) ?

When the editor is connected to Midihub hardware, the ‘Map’ buttons become enabled in the Properties section of the selected pipe. To map a control, you simply have to click ‘Map’ and twist a control on any connected controller. Then the received CC message gets mapped to the control. The channel as well as the port from which the message came from is used to identify the mapping. Multiple mappings to the same control from different sources is possible.

just fiddling around with my (unconnected) editor.
I was wandering if I could automate from a [ cc lfo ] generator pipe the delay time of a [ delay ] modifier pipe, but the “map” button of the latter is greyed out (as expected). Will it be possible to do so once the editor will be connected to the hardware?

If there’s a ‘map’ button, that means the parameter is MIDI mappable. It gets enabled when connected to the hardware.

Also curious about the mapping functionalities: is this supposed to work only with the sw editor connected or is the once mapped control working also standalone?

You map the controls through the UI of the editor, they are then usable standalone.

Great! Thanks for clarifying Giedrius!

Just curious to know if there are any options for remapping CC values, in a manner such as “0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… etc” to “1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1… etc”.

My use case is that scenes on the Elektron Rytm all fall under a single CC#. The value corresponds with the chosen scene (ie. scene 2 = 2, no scene = 0), so if I’d like to associate a scene with an arbitrary value shift elsewhere, I’m uncertain of how to do that, atm.

Hey, looks like we’re missing a ‘value range filter’ pipe that’d allow you to cut up the CC ranges and achieve what you want. We’ll implement it in a feature update. :slight_smile:


Oh ok, wonderful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for your diligence on all of this. <3

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