Transpose via Midi

Hi I am new to Midihub.

What I want to do is this:
-Send some notes (from a sequencer) to Midi In A
-Transpose them
-Send the result to Midi Out A

Yes, that’s easy (even I can do it)
But in addition I want to send some notes to Midi In B (from my Midi pedal)
And use this input to transpose the notes from above

Can this be done?

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What MIDI messages is the pedal producing? You could map it to the transpose amount parameter.

Normal Midi note on/off

I would like to transpose according to the played note.

C no transpose
C# +1
D +2

… and I did not get how to connect any Midi Pipe Output to the map feature of another Midi Pipe.

I thought that I can send any Midi Output to any Midi Pipe’s map feature.

Then would my transpose feature go like this:
From MIDI A – Transpose – To MIDI A
From MIDI B –

But how to connect the Note values from MIDI B to the MAP feature of Transpose?

Do I need a kind of ‘connection’ Pipe or is it not possible at all?
This seams to me a basic feature to get use of the other great features of Midihub.

At the moment the MIDI mapped parameters must be controlled from external devices, we plan to develop this further to allow making use of CC data from within Midihub. In the mean time, you may try using a MIDI loopback trick as @synthdad shows in his video here:


I briefly looked into this and made an entry on Feature Requests that might be a solution…

Ok, I see.

Can I use note values to control the transpose parameter or do I need to convert them to CCs first?

At the moment CCs or note velocity could be used, but we’ll be expanding this functionality in future updates. :slight_smile:

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Ok, I see.

It would be great to be able to define any Midi In to any Map connection.

Maybe you could add some Map connection blocks.


Base Note for 0 Value (eg C4)
Midi Channel

Base CC value for 0 value (eg 64)

Internal loopback… This sounds like an explosion of great new possibilities!

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