Pipeline property mapping

Hello all, just downloaded the Midihub Editor to see what the Midihub will be able to do once it comes out. I’ve noticed that I can’t click on the map buttons but It seems that maybe I need to have an actual Midihub hooked up to work along with a controller. In Loopop’s video he hits the map button then physically moves a controller for it to detect.

Will there be manual mapping from the other virtual MIDI effects? For example if I wanted to have one CC LFO control the pulse width of another.

Yes, Midihub has to be connected for the Map buttons to be usable. At the moment it’s done using a ‘MIDI learn’ style interface, but we’ll likely add UI for manually entering the mapping in one of future updates.

It’s not available directly at the moment, but it’s a good idea, we’ll note it down for consideration in future updates. Thank you for the suggestion!

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+1 on this.

My use case: I need to have the middle of my CC controller on the 0 of the clock delay (I think it’s at value 24 or so) and then have a same amount +/-. I guess scaling twice is necessary.

I can cook something up on a usb host and loop back. But would be nice to have a standalone solution , as a dedicated midi thing with no dependencies.