Mapping but no manual entering?

In working in the MidiHub editor nearly every pipe has an column with lots of mapping possibilities.

Great if one want to connect an input (i e an knob), but confusing when it comes to an output (since I can’t easily figure out how to enter it manually). And not all things transmits (to allow me use mapping) every message that they indeed respond to (and feels kinda awkward to be honest since they logically are at the receiving end for what I am trying to do). An example:

CC remap (“using this pipe, you may remap MIDI CC ids”).
Properties (of CC remap pipe):

Bypass (value + mapping)
In Low (value + mapping)
In High (value + mapping)
Out Low (value + mapping)
Out High (value + mapping)

If I use mapping at In Low, an arrow becomes visible that allows me to see which input port, channel and message ID.
I can adjust value of Low and High respectively (even before the mapping).

However I am forced to also use mapping to select the ID for Out Low or High (which I am also allowed to adjust already). How do I do that if an unit doesn’t transmit that CC# but only/still responds to it?
Should I really have use another/whatever CC# in the mapping procedure just to allow me the access to manually reconfigure the Out Low/High to the correct ID in the editor/Midihub?

My suggestion would be that as soon any mapping is done anywhere, the corresponding parameter fields that relates to that specific (mapped) parameter also shows access to allow me to manually configure them.

If there are any prohibited part that you can’t and shouldn’t try to change within the pipe (because it is beyond the intended scope of that pipe), then prefill them with the correct type as soon as any mapping is done. If that doesn’t allow me as a user to change a part that I need to be changed. Then I am apparently using the wrong pipe for what I am trying to acheive.

I e, if this (any) pipe doesn’t allow you to change a specific value or type of parameter. You can only manually adjust the parts that actually are allowed to be changed in the pipe, everything else are already preselected (and grey?).

I understand the reasoning behind using mapping to make it easy for anyone to ‘connect’ things. But leaving out the possibility to manual entering makes it less easy and even very frustrating in certain situations…

hey @miketheman


– a mapping is set by the first incoming message (after Map is clicked) not any outgoing so I don’t understand “doesn’t transmit that CC# but only/still responds to it”

Once some property is mapped, it can still be manually updated. It’s just that value will be overridden whenever that control/note comes in again.
(My apologies if we’re talking at cross-purposes!)

there’s a couple of other bits I don’t get but I suspect they might be linked to this bit so I’ll leave those for now!

I believe Resonotter posted a preset example on patch storage on how to overcome this. If i understand you correctly you are saying you can’t transmit the cc that you want to serve as the mapping from a particular device. But that device, even though it doesn’t transmit that cc, it does respond to it.
The simple solution is to use an lfo pipe>transform pipe>output pipe with a loopback to the input port your mapping will be on. In the case of CCs , you don’t need the transform pipe, just the lfo to output. You’ll only need the transform pipe when you need to map notes. If for some reason you want to use your device only to do the mapping, you would use

Edit I may have may misunderstood what you are trying to do. Maybe you are referring to rescaling the value of a mapping? What information are you trying to input and what information do you want to output?.

What I am trying to get to is that manual entering IMHO should always be possible even though you can choose to use the mapping method if you find it easier.

I can use mapping to define the MIDI CC ID of for example In Low/High, thus I can manually adjust it afterwards.

However, I can’t define the MIDI CC ID at all without using mapping. Where, at least for me and I might be alone in this, it feels more intuitive if I also already could manually enter it from start.
I mean the option is there to alter it anyway but only after I’ve been ‘forced’ to use mapping to define the ID.

It is just not that efficient if I have to twist a knob or push a button and use mapping to assign the ID, but I am already able to set the values from the start?
Why only the values but not the ID itself (that the values are tied to)?

Another point is that as I am trying to learn what can be done with parameters within each pipe. I can’t figure much out until I’ve tried everyone with mapping, because until then I don’t know what other options there are becoming allowed. And that is for each and every parameter? That is a lot of parameter mapping to be done just for learning what can be done with every pipe.

Thus the visibility of the possibilities with each pipe seem to be none to be seen at first glance. I have to try them all out via mapping. And then also remember them for the future, not vaguely but in full.

“Hmmm, which pipe was it where I had that option that popped up when I mapped it?”
Good luck remembering that for each pipe.

Just the fact that I can’t build an ‘test case’ (idea) with the editor and midihub only, to be able to try later when connecting gear to it.
I can only place the pipe but not set certain parameters in it because I need to use mapping to be able to set them.

Try it for yourself, three pipes:
From A > CC remap > To A

Now the idea (that you’d like try later when connecting all gear) is in regard to say CC#102, and the values set at your own will. Are you able to define that ID? Without mapping? Or do you have to use ANOTHER gear to assign that very ID parameter in the editor/Midihub. While you can adjust the values already.

If not. Then think about having, say, 100 pipes. And you can’t build the structure with the idea fresh in your head and set all the IDs and/or certain parameters. Because each one needs to be assigned via mapping. Really?


Would be nice to hear Blokas reason behind this…

Why is an user forced to only use ‘mapping’ in the editor to set the message ID, but not allowed to set it manually?

It will get added in the next update.

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Hi @Giedrius I’m on OSX with midihub 1.13.4 and I can’t find how to enter mapping manually.

If I click on MAP I must send a midi message and can’t enter value manually. And if I send a midi message, I can’t edit the value manually.

I try to use my midihub with a synth with only a midi IN so I can’t map by sending midi messages.

EDIT : OK, I’ve just downloaded the beta and it looks amazing ^^


Not possible under 1.13.4 @jazzstang Nathan.

Now possible under 1.14.0 Beta where we now have Add & Edit as part of new internal/virtual mappings: