Mapping a single CC on multiple pipes parameters

Hi there,
I just ordered a magnificent Midihub. Well, I could just wait a few weeks but I’m already setting things up with the editor.

As the device is not yet connected and as I didn’t find vids or threads that answer my question, i cannot know exactly if the follwing move is doable :

Can I map a single CC from my midi Controller to multiple pipes or even multiple pipelines ?

Example : the arpeggio and repeater pipes have some parameters in common like Time Division. I would like to map the Time Division from Arp and the Time Division from Repeater to one single knob on my old BCR2000.
Do I need an extra pipe CC Remap (which is way above my intellectual capacities :slight_smile: ) ?
Mapping the same CC on the two pipes would be so easy !

Thanks a lot !

Yes you can. I have a bsp and have it setup right now for arpeggiators where some knobs control lenght/tempo for specific single arps and another one that controls all the arps for resyncing them.

So yes. Very handy.


Hey, yes, same CC can be mapped to multiple parameters, as well as single parameter can be controlled by multiple CCs.


That’s so cool ! Thanks Claire, Thanks Giedrus, Thanks Blokas, your device is amazing, everything’s possible !