Midi CC to Pipeline

Hello Forum !

Firstly, congratulations to Blokas for coming up with this incredible device that opens so many creative possibilities.
After playing around for a while with simple and basic functions I’m now reaching a blocking point.

What I’d like to achieve goes along those lines:
-Set up some pipelines, lets say for example 3 of them.
-Each of those pipeline would have different transformations
(i.e: each pipeline could be an arpeggiator with very different settings, etc…)
-I’d like to control with an incoming midi CC (i.e square / triangle, etc) the ‘routing’ of incoming Midi data to a certain pipeline.

Would that be doable with the current firmware ?

Almost everything in MidiHub can be mapped to an external control, this includes the pipe destination as well. So you can have eg FROM A -> TO A pipe, and then map the destitation parameter in the TO-pipe to the CC of your choice and voila, you can redirect the incoming traffic to any virtual or physical port in the MH at will. Then just place your transformation pipes to take their input from different virtual ports, and switch between them as you like.


Yes, you should MIDI map the parameters you’d like to control. In addition to controlling routing destinations as @pmatilai suggested, you can also consider mapping bypass argument for pipeline’s input (preferred) or output, to completely enable or disable entire row.

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Thanks @pmatilai @Giedrius for your tips. I overlooked that very simple feature.
It’s working great but I’m struggling with the range of the midi CC values to control the destination.
I’d like the incoming CC (values from 0 to 127) to only set destinations to virtual ports, and I can’t manage to do it. I’ve tried cc remap, cc range filter, transform… but none seems to work.
A little insight would be great !

Thanks again !!!

There’s currently no way to pre-process the mapped MIDI data. You’re not alone in wanting to do that: Pipe for processing of MIDI mappings

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