Midihub midi mappings from virtual input

Just received my midihub today… super excited to integrate it in my setup!

This is either feature request or i’m doing things wrong!

With regards to midi mappings, i would like the ability to choose midi data coming from the virtual inputs. It would allow me to take midi data from external controllers and modify it before controlling mappable parameters.

I’m right in thinking this can’t be achieved yet?

Would a solution be to allow editing the mappings manually?

No comment on the subject otherwise, but yes, please allow manual entering of mappings :+1:

MIDI learn is a bliss when it’s a physical control when you want to map, but a PITA when it’s not. Such as sending arbitrary CC messages from a sequencer to control some FX or other parameter. With MIDI learn you first need to configure/script something to send said CC just to be able to map it, where it would be much much easier to just type in “CC16” or something.


What kind of modifications would you like to do on the CCs?

We’re planning to add a manual editor for the mappings.


here are a number of use cases i can think of:

  1. limit the range of cc values applied to the mappings (using the CC remap pipe) - like in ableton.
  2. not a cc modification as such, but using virtual outputs as mapping source would also allow using the cc lfo to map to any parameter.
  3. use channel remap to allow a midi controller to switch “banks” and change different parameters in one preset. Obviously midi controllers allow to switch banks and switch channels. But when using synths as midi controllers - CC values tend to be fixed. As a random example, i would like to use a korg volca (with midi out mod) to control an arpeggiator on 1 bank, scales on 2nd bank, midi randomisation on a third… etc

hope this helps

That’s great news. Any idea when this will be available?



just got my midihub and so far its a blizz to use it!
I have a DAW-less setup, so its awesome to have CC LFOs!
The midihub is connected to a iconnect midi 4+ via usb, but as soon as I want to Midi Map my controllers to CC LFO parameters, I can not, because I can not edit the my midihub preset.
Please have the midi mapping function as a selector with all the usb midi inputs or have the preset file as a notpad editable format.

Thank you very much!

Manual mapped parameter editing is planned to be added in a future version.