MIDI mapped controls

So one of the things that is limiting me in the midihub is the way that midi mapped parameters work.

Current behaviour:
Midi message is mapped as “port x, CC y,”

My expected behaviour is that the midi CCs would be picked up from the stream within the pipeline. This means it doesn’t care which controller the CC came from, or which port.

Some of the issues this would resolve for me:

  1. I use the midihub live attached to my MPC One by USB, but I program my patches (as I HAVE to) with the USB port connected to the PC. This means any mappings I do from MPC Midi programs don’t work, because they’re mapping to a DIN MIDI port, not a USB MIDI port. I can’t continue using DIN MIDI mappings, as I need the DIN MIDI port on my MPC for other tasks. I need to access the USB port on the midihub.

  2. Moving the midi ports - if I map a CC then happen to have that controller plugged into a different MIDI port, the map doesn’t work because it’s expecting “Port A,” or whatever. We already have channels in MIDI to separate messages, this is the system that should be used by midi mapping.

It also opens up a lot of macro/hyper control possibilities if the mapped CCs are read from the pipeline.

It’s actually Port, Channel, and CC. :slight_smile:

I think this could be solved by having manual editing of mapped parameters, and the ability to set ‘Any Port’ and ‘Any Channel’.

Yes, being able to manually edit it would work. It is interesting that it’s not “integrated” with the midi pipe system though (instead being separate). Like, wouldn’t it make sense that you can effect the CCs before they ‘arrive’ at the pipe they’re mapped to, and route them around too? This way you could get into meta-mapping, where you map a CC to like a channel selector, that pipes your controller to different mappings.

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Yes, this has been discussed a couple of times here, and raised as a feature request

There’s also been discussion of a work around, but it means sacrificing a midi input.

@Giedrius - I think being able to manually enter midi mappings will make things easier for many users. That said, things would be much better if we can manually enter a virtual pipe as a cc source as well as the physical inputs. This would enable a kind of preprocessing of CC data inside the midihub prior to mapping that would unlock some seriously poweful functionality … If that were possible that would make my day :slight_smile:

I bet it’d make more than one day, maybe two or even three. :smiley:

It’d definitely open many new possibilities for Midihub, we plan to get this done, but first there’s a couple more highly requested improvements to do. :slight_smile:

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That’s fantastic to hear, thanks :slight_smile:

p.s. The midi monitoring functionality has made programing the midihub a breeze … thanks for getting that one implemented :slight_smile:

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