Error code 11 after latest firmware flash

Hello, I’ve updated to the latest firmware 1.13.2 , having had issues using Microsoft Edge, I managed to flash my device using Chrome windows 10.
Now when I try to conect to my hub, I’m getting ERROR CODE 11

If I roll back to older versions, I’m getting the same code.

any ideas? My hub was working fine before this update. Thanks

Make sure you’re running editor version 1.13.2 and the firmware version 1.13.1, available here: [Beta] Midihub Editor 1.13.2 & Firmware 1.13.1

This error can occur if the editor and firmware versions are incompatible.

Maybe there were issues with downloading the firmware file, the flashing process itself happens in the Editor. :slight_smile:

Thank you, this fixed it, looks fine , I can connect to it now. Happy days :slight_smile:

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