Can't connect midihub?

I can’t get the editor to recognize my midihub when it is turned on and plugged in. I have tried with a few different versions of the editor, including the most recent 1.11.10. I think I need to update the firmware, but after starting it up and pushing the button to install the firmware, it wouldn’t connect. I just get a blank connect window, and it says looking for midihub device. Please let me know what I can do!

Hi, what is the OS you are using? Did the firmware upgrade procedure succeed when you did it?

Hi! I am using the most recent Windows OS. And no, I didn’t complete the update. the option for flash firmware is greyed out under the device menu. The only option ‘connect’ brings me to the blank connection window. I have the firmware update file downloaded, but can’t get connected to complete the process. The midihub turns on just fine, and I can hear windows confirming a new device has connected. I can also see the device in my device manager, where it says all drivers are up to date. Just the editor doesn’t see the device?

Also, I just checked in my DAW, which recognizes all the in/out midi ports. I can play midi via keyboard>midihub>FL studio, but the midihub editor still doesn’t recognize my device.

Please check how Midihub appears in the Device Manager:

There should be an entry for Midihub in Ports (COM & LPT) branch as well as Sound, video and game controllers.

Are there any errors shown on Midihub’s icons?

Please also check if there’s any other device using the same COM# port number (enable View->Show hidden devices, to be able to see devices that are currently not connected, just in case) There’s previously been one case where Windows assigned the same COM port number to Midihub as was used for some Bluetooth device, once this conflict was resolved, the Editor was able to communicate with Midihub.