No connection after error firmware update


During a firmware update the midihub gave a error message.
Now my mac (OS High Sierra) doesnt recognize the midihub anymore.
Even in Bootloader mode.
Any ideas how to solve this issue?

Hi, did you try rebooting your system? There’s been one case like yours recently, where Mac OS wouldn’t react to Midihub. A simple reboot helped that time, so it’s a good first thing to try in sorting this out. :slight_smile:

It did recognize it again. But after I wanted to update the firmware.
I got this message.

Failed locating the Midihub in bootloader mode!

Error code: 4

Current version of the hub is 1.11.7
(haven’t used it in a while :slight_smile:

Try doing the firmware upgrade while Midihub is in bootloader mode, you can find the current firmware file here: [Download] Midihub Editor 1.13.4 & Firmware 1.13.2

The steps for upgrading it this way are here: [Download] Midihub Firmware 1.11.7

Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:

where can I find the

  1. Pick the new .bfw file

It’s listed as ‘Firmware’ here: [Download] Midihub Editor 1.13.4 & Firmware 1.13.2

Boom! it worked. Thanks a lot for the support fast customer support.
Really special we fixed this together when the error occurred.

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