Can't update midihub firmware

Hello! I appear to be having an error (possibly on my end) when attempting to update my firmware. After installing the latest editor version (1.13.3) and attempting to update the firmware, I get an error message that says “Failed locating the midihub in bootloader mode”, “Error Code 4”.

I haven’t updated in a long time, and the last time I did I might have done something wrong somehow - my editor version prior to update was listed as 1.11.8 and the firmware as 1.11.10 not sure if the mismatch is an issue. As long as I restore the editor to that version and turn the midihub off and on, it can connect again and everything works fine, but I can’t seem to upgrade.

Thanks for your time!

Hi, which OS are you using?

Is Midihub running in bootloader mode getting recognized properly by the system, or does it report any errors? (to get into bootloader mode, turn on Midihub with the button held down, all LEDs will be lit)

Hi, I’m running Windows 10.

If I attempt to connect to the Midihub in bootloader mode, the editor doesn’t recognize that it is connected (it just keeps looking for Midihub devices). No error message comes up. My computer does still list it on the devices page however, whether in or out of bootloader mode.

This seems similar to this: Can't connect to midi hub - #26 by Jason_Canning

There were 2 devices getting assigned the same COM number by Windows OS. Please go through the information in the linked thread and see if the same steps help fix the situation.

You should be looking at how Midihub is getting enumerated while it is in Bootloader mode (all LEDs are on). It may help to enable ‘View → Show hidden devices’ in the Device Manager.

You may as well post a screenshot of how Midihub appears in the Device Manager while it’s in Bootloader mode on your system, under Ports (COM & LPT) section.

That was exactly it. Sorry to bother you, I had looked through the forum for similar issues but missed that one. Everything is up to date and fully functioning now. Thank you!

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Hi, I have the same problem, but I have MacOS, how to I change the COM number on Mac?

Hi, please open a new topic with the issue you’re facing and provide all the details like what steps you’re taking and what error you’re seeing, etc…

COM number assignment is Windows specific.