Crash and does not boot

Hi there,

I have just bought a Pisound for my rapsberry and I am having some problems.

I was trying to configure jack daemon with pisound and, suddenly, rasperry block (I have just plugged the pisound hat and Pi has never block before).

After that… pi does not wants to boot. I had to unplugged the soundpi and then Pi boot as usual. Then… I turn off the Pi, plugg soundpi again and the system boots in normal way.

After some sound-configuration actions (with qjackctl) the system crash again… And another time, halt, unplugg, start, plugg and start…

Is this a normal situation?

Hi, this sounds like some software issue. Could you try using Pisound with Patchbox OS and see if it’s working well?

Hi giedrius,

Thanks for your answer.

I have install patchos in my rasp and now seems to works fine. I need more tests… but, at the momment the system works fine with Jack and without crashes.

In other side, I have had some “Locale” problems with pathos. Once installed the keyboard only works in english (I am spanish). So… i have had to change the systems locales and the keymap by hand. It would be fine to document it in patchos documentation.

Best regards.

All information for Raspbian is relevant for Patchbox OS too, you can use raspi-config to customize the system to your needs.

mmm this seems not to be very stable.

I have seen another crash after a reboot (the system does not power on). I have to quit pisound hat, restart, shutdown, put the pisound hat and restart again…

I have to reboot too, in another situation, becouse the hat seems not to send midi messages. After a reboot pisound sends MIDI messages again.

is it pisound stable enought?

We haven’t recently seen stability issues with Pisound, we’ll have to take a look into your logs to see what’s going on.

Please share the logs of the current and previous OS runs after a crash occurs, see here how to get the logs:

Also what is the output of uname -a?

Ok, forgot it.

At the end it is working with stability.

I havent had more problems. The last crash was related for too hot in CPU. This is normal, becouse I have not fans in my rasp and I was launching some graphical apps for a long time.

Thank you for the support.