Watchdog signaling pd

Hi everyone,

I am using pd, pisound and rpi with -nogui on pd. I got this message watchdog signaling pd… suddenly crash the rpi and I have to reboot it again.
What did I do wrong?

It’s very difficult to say with so little information. Check the system logs, like dmesg, you may want to enable keeping logs of previous boots and investigate them after the crash is reproduced, check my post here for steps how to enable persistent logs:

Hi @Giedrius , I think because of the PD runs directly from micro sd card. Is there a way to run Pure Data partly from RAM Rpi? At least to increase the RAM.
I reduce the GPU RAM to 16% already but it doesn’t help.

It depends on your patch and on what it does. If it is streaming samples or tracks from SD card, then this could be slow. The patch could be rebuilt to load samples into memory as tables. If it plays only stuff from memory, then it can be considered it’s running from RAM only.

In case the system runs out of RAM, it will use the dedicated swap space on sd card to move chunks of memory to sd card and load it back into RAM to manage more concurrent software running with the limited RAM memory.

In case the system must rely on swap heavily, it can get quite slow. In that case, it’s actually better to stream some things (especially long samples / tracks) from SD card rather than keep everything in memory.

This requires fine tuning by the patch developer / user. That’s why most DAWs have a flag which allows marking samples to load into RAM or whether to stream them from disk.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: I found this and am using it…I will let you know how it goes

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