Pi won't boot with PiSound attached


I received my PiSound today.

I’ve mounted it on a working Pi 3 with a fresh install of Raspbian. But it won’t boot up. When I power it up I see the multicoloured square on the screen, then blackness. After 3 seconds it repeats.

I remove the PiSound and the Pi works fine. Reattach it and it won’t boot.

The Pi by the way is a 3B v1.2.

Is my PiSound defective?


Well, I acquired another pi. A 3B+. The pisound board works fine with it. So it looks like my original pi is defective in some way, although it seems to work fine in every other respect.

Happy now working with my new pi and the pisound board.


Hi, you have tried to connect it with another charger with more amps?