Modep/Patch box crashing a lot on Pi3b

I have several Pi3 + pisounds and one pi 4 + pisound. Using patch box and modep the pi 4 is stable as a table (I can just leave it on) but all the pi 3’s crash within an hours use, never exceeding 50% cpu. Is there some simple fix for this? should I be using heat sinks for example?

What does ‘crash’ mean? They hang completely, or something else happens? Do you have any logs of when that happens? (dmesg, sudo journalctl -u jack, sudo journalctl -u modep-mod-host, sudo journalctl -u modep-mod-ui)

Either completely freeze up with no audio output and no ability to use the button or if they are producing sound at the moment of the crash emitting a digital loop noise until i power off the units.

will check for crash logs later.