MODEP on Pi 3 B+ Crashes Almost Immediately

Hello! I am new to the forum and this is my first time with Patchbox OS.

I followed this guide to get started: MODEP, a Powerful Raspi-based Effects Pedalboard

When MODEP starts it has no modules pre-installed so I go to patchstorage to look for modules to add and it crashes as soon as I start looking for modules to install. Can’t even test the audio. I tried in regular desktop mode and kiosk mode. Same result either way. Is the Pi 3 B+ just not beefy enough for MODEP?

Is there a more efficient, less resource intensive way of running MODEP that bypasses the desktop environment entirely?

Pi 3B+ should be fine. Please check the services logs for any errors and post them here:

I use Raspberry PI 3B (not plus) that is less powerfull than 3B+ with MODEP and i use Fluidsynth and Roomy effect without problem. You can find my pedalboard schema in one of the other messages i wrote. I have a HiFiBerry hat audio card connected ad i have configured Jack for buffer 128 and delay 3

So, if your system crash it could be … a bad Patchbox OS installation, a problem with I/O of your SD Card you use, or you have some USB peripheral (audio card) … that overload the system … or your power supply is not good.

The first thing i will do … is to look to the ouput of “dmesg” command and look to the /var/log/messages
Usually when things go bad … linux write something in the log files and you should find some clues or hints there. Post the output of this commands … may be we can help to identify the issue.

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