No reboot on shutdown

I got Patchbox OS installed today and things were great. Love the new WiFi capability that wasn’t available the last time I tried MODEP on its own.

When my device shuts down, however it will never restart. I had things up and working and then moved the device and once I plugged it back in, I see the red light, then nothing. It never moves on.

Any fixes for this? Sound like a known issue? Using a Pi 3B with PiSound and Patchbox OS, downloaded the day of this posting.

Sometimes the SD card simply gets corrupted, and it seems to happen in relation to power supply connects / disconnects or in case you get undervoltage / yellow lightning icon warnings. A lot of times this situation can be recovered from by inserting the SD card to a Windows system, and once it gets recognized and the drive volume appears, safely ejecting it and putting it back into the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi’s bootloader does not seem to be able to resolve the issue on its own.

If this doesn’t help, you’ll have to reflash the sd card.

Appreciate the reply. So - do folks generally leave it on? Or is this something folks need to do often, and it’s just - that’s the way it is sort of thing?

This happens very rarely, also make sure to use a decent power supply. Also, prefer unplugging the system from the electrical socket side, it should cause less transients than disconnecting the connector on Raspberry Pi side. It’s safe to disconnect on RPi’s side once all of the LEDs go dark.