MIDI CC overload? Pretty hard crash it seems



It seems that whenever I use a knob on my Nord Rack 3 to control something in MODEP (coming in through a Pisound hardware MIDI input), after a very short while the system freezes and the MODEP access point is gone.

What’s more, it seems that I need to remove power from the RPi 3B+ for several minutes for it to want to boot again - if I just cycle power immediately there’s only a static red LED and no activity.

So… maybe MODEP can’t handle the amount of MIDI CC data that my NR3 generates? I’ve tried with another MIDI hardware source (Mellotron M4000D Mini pitch knob) with which I can’t seem to get the same problem.

Or maybe the rebooting issue points to some kind of hardware failure on my RPi 3B+?

Or maybe both?

Thanks :slight_smile:


In the mean time I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff about stability issues with the 3B+… it seems to me that there might be an issue with its power draw in general, which gets exacerbated by adding a Pisound hat, for instance. Perhaps the voltage regulator gets stressed by the large NR3 CC stream and subsequently has to cool down for a few minutes?

I’m not sure… I do know that when I removed the Pisound hat just now I had way less hiccups in Raspbian Stretch trying something out in PD. I think I will get a 3B to be on the safe side…


Just tried it with a 3B and a fresh new original power supply (other PSU was also original 2,5A): still same issue. Here’s what the screen outputs:


Hey, unfortunately the photo got uploaded with a too low resolution to read the contents. Could you get another one uploaded with a higher resolution? If it is the forum software that resizes it, then try some external image host.

To get copyable text, you may try to have an active ssh connection from your computer to RPi, when there’s a big kernel crash, it usually logs the relevant info to all active sessions, you may paste the contents here. (see Raspberry Pi: Remote Control Raspberry Pi via SSH for some tips, ssh access is enabled by default on MODEP images, so just ssh modep@ (if connecting via the hotspot), use blokaslabs for password)

If the system still accepts commands after the issue has occurred, you can run dmesg to get the entire kernel log, that would be really useful to determine the cause of the issue.