Raspberry Pi: Remote Control Raspberry Pi via SSH

Goal: Access the command line of a Raspberry Pi remotely from another computer or device on the same network using SSH.

Difficulty: Easy

Required Hardware:

  • Network-Enabled Raspberry Pi w/ power supply and micro SD card
  • Monitor and keyboard (Optional)
  • Network-Enabled Windows, macOS or Linux computer w/ micro SD card reader
  • Network-Enabled Smartphone or tablet (Optional)

Required Software:

Step 01: Enable SSH

Option 01: Directly using raspi-config

  1. Connect monitor and keyboard to your Raspberry Pi
  2. Make sure your Raspberry Pi is powered on and wait for it to boot
  3. Enter sudo raspi-config in a terminal window
  4. Select Interfacing Options and navigate to SSH
  5. Choose Yes, Ok and Finish

Option 02: Using computer

  1. Connect Raspberry Pi SD card to your computer
  2. Navigate to the boot partition of the SD card (Boot partition is the smaller one)
  3. Create a blank file named ssh without any extension
  4. When the Pi boots, it looks for the ssh file and if it is found, SSH is enabled and the file is deleted

Step 02: Connect to Raspberry Pi using SSH

  1. Connect your Raspberry Pi to your local network using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
  2. Find out the IP address of your Raspberry Pi following this guide - https://community.blokas.io/t/find-raspberry-pis-ip-address/596
  3. Choose one of the following options based on the device you want to control your Pi with

Note: the default Rasbian username is pi and the default password is raspberry and for MODEP image the default username is modep and the default password is blokaslabs

Option 01: Using Linux or macOS computer

  1. Connect your computer to the same Network as Raspberry Pi
  2. Open a terminal window and type ssh USERNAME@IP_ADDRESS (Change USERNAME with your username and for the IP_ADDRESS use the IP address from the previous step)

Option 02: Using Windows computer

  1. Download and install PuTTY software from https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html
  2. Connect your computer to the same Network as Raspberry Pi
  3. Launch PuTTY client
  4. Enter the IP address from the previous step and click Open

Option 03: Using Android or iOS device

  1. Download Termius App from http://www.termius.com/
  2. Connect your device to the same Network as Raspberry Pi
  3. Open the Termius App
  4. Enter an alias of your choosing
  5. Enter the IP address from the previous step under hostname
  6. Complete the username and password fields and hit Save in the top right corner
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